Sights Got What We Want

Forget the fact that they're three young and good looking guys who dress like they just raided a thrift store, and that they sound like the Kinks covering Thin Lizzy, the Sights are actually as talented as they are chic. Did I mention that they're from Detroit? Their second album, Got What We Want, is pop perfection, combining both fuzzy garage rock and sweet melodic power pop, and fills in another piece to this whole rock'n'roll revival puzzle. Just barely into their roaring 20s, they aren't afraid to show that they're young, fun and set to stun. They follow in the Motor City footsteps of the noisy energy of the Von Bondies and the contagious harmonies of Waxwings, with songs that are well crafted, very tight and full of non-stop hooks. Co-produced by the soon-to-be-legendary Jim Diamond, the new Svengali of Detroit, cuts like "Don't Want You Back," "It'd Be Nice (To Have You Around)" and "One And Only" ooze the youthful exuberance last heard on the debut from Supergrass. With the right time on their side, the Sights definitely have the sound to go places, and Got What We Want is the record that deserves to take them there. (Fall of Rome)