Sightings Sightings

There are probably more people out there using records like this to either annoy the fuck out of their neighbours, show their new liberal college friends how "urban" and "hip" they are or to try and get some play from spaced-out art school chicks in sundresses and Birkenstocks. There's the occasional fan of this noisy stuff, but Sightings do their best to push your buttons, stretch your patience and test your tolerance, and I'd be suspicious of anyone I saw shaking booty to this band. The NYC band teeter on the brink of musicality, but definitely lean towards the noise interludes of Naked City and Lightning Bolt, Mike Patton's incomprehensible solo albums and the rip-roaring drag rock of the Ruins, with a guitar that sounds like aluminium being set on fire and drums that rival the Boredoms for sheer trashcan-osity. What keeps this spinning is its short duration (30 minutes) and that there are enough musical moments ("Two Thoughts‚" "Cuckoo" and "Made the Menu") to keep the listener's ears open. (Load)