Sigh Scenario IV: Dread Dreams

While their past few releases have reminded me of the first three Bathory albums, the newest release from Japanese black metallers Sigh left me scratching my head over and over. Much more symphonic sounding than I remember them to be previously, it seems Sigh has travelled down the same road that Ulver and In The Woods… have previously traversed. Basically, the band has dared to cross the boundaries most like-minded bands fear and have brought a new level of experimentation into the genre. Utilising a number of found samples and quite upbeat keyboards, the band’s new whimsical style leaves me at a loss for words. Would carnival metal be a suitable moniker? Probably not, but this record has put such a smile on my face it’s hard not to look at it in a semi-amused state. Unique. That is the only word that comes to mind. (Cacophonous)