Siegling/Various Fuse Presents Technasia

Track one uses vocals from a fictional Mr. Bugsworth asking some kids about their career choices, to which one replies "I want to be a mother fucking DJ, you better ask somebody." The first track introduces us to Siegling's running theme, which is a series of bouncy Detroit-influenced booty vocals, scratching and breakdowns in between Siegling's signature seamless, fast continuous mixing. Waxmaster's "Bounce It Baby” starts the trend and highlights the album's synthetic flavours of booty, tribal polyrhythmics, a housier tip à la Gene Farris and even an MC. This album would be great for pre-partying home listening because it blends several styles. Perfection for someone with a short attention span, as each track clocks in at only one minute or so before the next comes in. The track selection is creative, but it does not retain a sleek or cohesive property. Chris Anderson's "Rock Freak,” Disco's vocals; "North side hoes, West side hoes, let me see you work,” DJ Funk's "Pump It” and Siegling's scratching were a bit out of place, but Lester Fitzpatrick's "Warp,” Renato Cohen's "Abelhas” and Jeff Mills's "Scenario,” in the tech-y vein, recovered the tight percussive sound, while refraining from aggressive loudness. "Untitled” by Siegling, known for his own productions, is a positive addition. Siegling is an amazing live DJ for the dance floor, and this album captures that energy. Once again, Siegling has created an album that only adds further testament to his talent. (Music Man)