Sian Alice Group Announce New LP

Sian Alice Group Announce New LP
Following an action-packed 2008, London's genre-blurring Sian Alice Group have earmarked August 4 as the due date for their second full-length, Troubled, Shaken, Etc.

Like the band's debut full-length 59.59 and its subsequent EPs - The Dusk Line and remix twelve-inch - the release is being handled by the Social Registry label, which describes the band's latest sonic concoction as "more raw, emotional and loud than anything they've released thus far." But by the sounds of things, Sian Alice Group are still sticking to their old genre melting-pot approach, with the new record promising to bring everything from minimalist trances and electronic explorations to Eastern music tropes and psyched-out folk rock.

In the group's usual collective spirit, several contributors also pop in for some guest spot on the album, including label-mate Mike Bones, Sasha Vine, Graham Barton and Spring Heel Jack's John Coxon.

At this point, there's no sign of a supporting tour, but here's the tracklist for Troubled, Shaken, Etc.:

1. "Love That Moves the Sun"
2. "Airlock"
3. "Through Air Over Water"
4. "Close to the Ground"
5. "Grow Again, Repeat"
6. "Troubled, Shaken Etc."
7. "First Song - Angelina"
8. "Vanishing"
9. "White"
10. "Longstrakt"
11. "To Thine Own Self Be True"
12. "The Low Lights"
13. "Salt Water"