Shut-Ups Haul Off And Smack Your Ass

Three rockin' records courtesy of Junk Records. First up are the Shut-Ups, four juvenile delinquents from the wilds of Wisconsin. Their sound on this four-song single is reminiscent of Destroy Oh Boy-era New Bomb Turks, which comes on red vinyl. Seattle's five-piece the Valentine Killers treat us to three tunes of boozy rock and roll that sticks to you like dirt under your fingernails. Like the Shut-Ups, fans of the New Bomb Turks style will dig this. Now that they're on Sub Pop, we're likely to be hearing more about them. Finally, we have Vice Principals, with their cleverly titled two-song single. Featuring members of the Humpers and the Joneses, they mix some New York Dolls swagger with the flavour of their former bands. The B-side, "Showdown," could have easily been a Devil Dogs song with its '50s style. (Junk)