Shunda K The Most Wanted

With the dissolution of electro-crunk rap group Yo! Majesty, frontwoman Shunda K sets things straight on debut solo album The Most Wanted with opening track "I Am Yo! Majesty," staking her claim to the group's moniker over a minimal, crunching, slow synth track. She follows with "I'm Da Best" and "Here I Am to Save the World," two more braggadocio battle tracks that are also slamming club jams. It's a great start to an album that often struggles to bring together her disparate ideas: incorporating her sexual nature, orientation and Christian spirituality in an all-encompassing club environment. Musically, Shunda K revels in the diversity of dance-based music, incorporating elements of hip-hop, electro, crunk, glitch, 8-bit, disco, Miami bass, R&B and rock. In fact, both lyrically and musically, The Most Wanted covers a wider range than Yo! Majesty ever did. While the attempt is admirable, it's not always successful. The Most Wanted is filled with an abundance of guests, many of them lacking Shunda K's charisma, and at 20 tracks, it's a little long, starting to wear thin towards the end, especially with the slower R&B-style love songs featuring wife Ms. Tedra. It's a lot to take in during one sitting, but shouldn't you be dancing? Besides, individually, any number of these tracks ("Rock & Roll," "Feel Da' Bass" or "It's Time to Get Paid") would heat up the dance floor in most clubs. (Fanatic)