Shred Kelly

Sing to the Night

Shred KellySing to the Night
The name Shred Kelly screams out boisterous in-your-face hair-metal but instead gives you boisterous, in-your-face folk music. Their latest, Sing to the Night, is gushing with the same youthful energy and bravado associated with "harder" music and is filled with no less shredding than suggested by the band's moniker — they just do their shredding on banjos and mandolins, as well as guitars.
Piano-driven lead single "Family Oh Family" is a power pop gem that bounces like some kind of folk disco, proof that they can write as catchy a hook as you're likely to hear in folk music. The band from forested Fernie, BC do an incredible job of recreating the feeling of long, late-night drives through the prairies on the slinking and beautiful "Start Again." There's a wall-of-sound tactic that gets employed a time or two too many, but the highs the band reach with it are well worth it. "Stuck Between" is a flat-out burner, bordering on magnificence, that builds on a skeletal banjo riff to a crushing wall of electric guitars, crashing drums and piercing strings. Sing to the Night is a huge step forward for this young group. (Independent)
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