Shout Out Out Out Out 'Spanish Moss and Total Loss' (album stream)

Shout Out Out Out Out'Spanish Moss and Total Loss' (album stream)
Edmonton dancefloor fillers Shout Out Out Out Out are back with their third album, Spanish Moss and Total Loss, which is scheduled to arrive on July 17 through the band's own Normals Welcome Records. Prior to the album's official release, you can stream the entire thing at

A press release notes that this album is something of a departure for the electro-leaning band. Not only does it feature a "vast collection of analog synths" alongside "saxophone, Rhodes piano, baritone guitar...double drummers, and vocoder laden vocals," but the band make some stylistic detours along the way. There is a wide range of tempos and styles that range from punk to "disco, classic house, Krautrock and cosmic synth music are extremely present."

Of course, the album is just as energetic and exciting as we're used to hearing from Shout Out Out Out Out. What's more, it was recorded on analog gear, which is just one of the things that separates the band from most of their dancefloor-oriented contemporaries.

Take a listen below, and read Exclaim!'s recent interview with the group here.