Shotgun Jimmie Preps New Solo LP Transistor Sister

Shotgun Jimmie Preps New Solo LP <i>Transistor Sister</i>
Former Shotgun & Jaybird member Shotgun Jimmie (aka Jim Kilpatrick) is two for two with his solo albums, earning rave reviews for 2007's The Onlys and 2009's Still Jimmie. Now, the New Brunswick songwriter is looking to make it a hat trick with Transistor Sister, due out March 8 via You've Changed.

Transistor Sister was written while on tour in Europe and features backing from drummer Ryan Peters (Ladyhawk, Lightening Dust) and Jay Baird (Do Make Say Think, Feist). A press release promises "a bunch of two-minute blasts of pop perfection," along with "a few all-out anthemic rock hits."

You can listen to one of these "blasts of pop perfection" in the form of lead single "Late Last Year," which can be downloaded here.

The album was recorded at the Old Confidence Lodge in Riverport, NS, with Diego Medina, making it the first Shotgun Jimmie record to be recorded in a proper studio. Despite the more professional environment, it promises to uphold "the experimentation and spontaneous sense of creation of the best home recordings. Run down the stairs, slamming doors, grab a weed whacker from the shed and mic it through a wah pedal."

If you would like to read more about the disc, Shotgun Jimmie wrote a detailed breakdown of the album's 16 tracks for the blog Herohill. And by the sound of things, the album's "Paper Planes" isn't a M.I.A. cover.

UPDATE: In support of Transistor Sister, Shotgun Jimmie has just announced a lengthy cross-Canada tour. You can see all the dates here.

Transistor Sister:

1. "Late Last Year"
2. "Suzy"
3. "King of Kreuzberg"
4. "Paper Planes"
5. "Confidence Lodge Stairwell Recording #1"
6. "Transistor Sister"
7. "Too Many Flowers"
8. "Stereo and the Stove"
9. "Swamp Magic"
10. "Piano"
11. "Peace and Love"
12. "Masterpiece"
13. "The Haze"
14. "Refrain"
15. "Bar's Open"
16. "Bar's Closed"