Shop Ltd. Sanitation for the Nation

From the first few notes of Sanitation for the Nation it is obvious that Shop Ltd. have something happening. But that something definitely needs some serious refinement, as the songwriting is inconsistent. Songs like "Piranha" are on the more solid side, with strong bridges and hooks, while "S.O.B. Part I" and "S.O.B. Part II" are more infantile and unimaginative, particularly in the lyrical department. It is hard to tell if vocalist Sylvain Fournier is intentionally sliding in and out of key and flattening his voice for effect or if he is just an unskilled vocalist. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and just say that his more aggressive wallows suit him better. But Shop Ltd.'s potential surfaces when they embrace their rougher side, and Playing with guitar sounds and electronics, as on tracks like "Crave," brings out the best in the band. Blended French lyrics and full-throttle guitars on "Samsara" gives the full effect, making this a worthwhile listen. (Independent)