Shooting Guns and Hawkeyes Team Up for Split 12-inch, Share New Tracks

Shooting Guns and Hawkeyes Team Up for Split 12-inch, Share New Tracks
Amp-worshipping Saskatoon psych outfit Shooting Guns took us on a tour of their Pre-Rock Studios last year, and now they've announced their first-ever music entirely recorded and mixed in the space. These songs are half of a 12-inch split with Waterloo, ON's Hawkeyes, entitled Brothers of the Nod.

In another first for Shooting Guns, this is the first official vinyl release on their own Pre-Rock Records label. Outside of Canada, Helmet Lady Records will handle distribution. Each side of the 12-inch features three songs from the respective bands, with the release set for a tentative June release.

UPDATE: The record is now due out August 11.

For a taste of each side of the record, hear a song from each group in the player below. Shooting Guns' "Mega Volcano" is an adrenalized instrumental scorcher in which chunky chords are overlaid with catchy, repetitive lead licks. Hawkeyes, meanwhile, offer up the nine-minute "Hotter Than Ten Hundred Suns," which builds from a chiming, atmospheric intro to a head-banging assault of slow, dramatic monster riffs.

In a statement, Helmet Lady's Russell Mullen called this split album "a deep, dark trek through the wilderness of the mind, endeavouring to explore the lost caverns of the spirit and probe the farthest passages of the psyche. Two blood soaked tribal shaman unite in an eerie ritual of mammoth tone and stygian sacrament."

Brothers of the Nod:

A1. Shooting Guns - "Mega Volcano"
A2. Shooting Guns - "Halls of Grief"
A3. Shooting Guns - "Heavy Dissent"
B1. Hawkeyes - "Hotter Than Ten Hundred Suns"
B2. Hawkeyes - "The Charred Skull of McLean Stevenson"
B3. Hawkeyes - "Orange Monkey (Hotter Reprise)"