Shlomi Aber Chicago Days/Detroit Nights

Out now on Josh Wink's Ovum Recordings, the newest artist album by techno pioneer Shlomi Aber sensually travels from Detroit to Chicago over a number of tracks. With its sounds audibly rooted in Detroit techno, Chicago Days/Detroit Nights also subtly draws nourishment from Chicago house sounds. Shlomi started his imprint, Be As One, in 2006 and is recognized as an instrumental figure in the Tel Aviv dance scene. This is a very strong record, exemplifying the vital artistic impact of the Detroit and Chicago underground on the songs featured. Intimate relations exist between the crisp snare and subtle, yet bright, synths carefully and tightly looped on "Tap Order." The record continues with harder techno drum loops until "New York Dreamer" creates a place of calmness and relaxation, while maintaining intensity, due to its strong piano tone and deep vocals. "Slow Dancer" could have been thrown down in any '90s NYC house club, energized by the integral connection of house and techno sounds. "Sketches," produced with Kenny Larkin, transforms pouncing, ominous drums into a playful, energetic beat. Final track "Basic Roots" takes playfulness to a joyous crescendo. Chicago Days/Detroit Nights flies high thanks to Shlomi Aber's combined imagination and production experience. (Ovum)