Shivaree The Exclaim! Questionnaire

Who are you?
Duke McVinnie (Foghorn Leghorn); Ambrosia Parsley (the Professor and Mary Anne); Danny McGough (Peter Cushing) (aka Shivaree)

What are you up to?
Lifting five anvils above our knees

Hometown and current HQ:
Badpants Springs, TX

Current fixations
Davy Crocket, girls, food, ball peen hammers, "Babe The Blue Ox" (Paul Bunyan) W.C. Fields, Abe Lincoln, girls

Mind altering work of art (not your own):
Ivor Cutler "Barabadabada" and "Everybody Got"

Most memorable/inspirational gig? And why?
John Stamos with Little Richard on Full House because it literally blew off our shoes. Literally.

What should everyone shut up about?

Your greatest strength/weakness:
The ability to walk sideways while carrying two dogs. Uncontrollable waving & weeping.

our vital daily ritual:
I have to carry 3 ladders down by the train tracks and moan.

Guilty pleasure:
Can't remember

If I wasn't playing music I would be...

Your most memorable day job:
Washing dead bodies

Best/worst advice received:
G is the best key.

I would drop everything to play a benefit for...

What makes you want to take it off and get it on?
N'sync, especially the construction worker

What personal trait would make you kick someone out of your band and/or bed? And have you?
Bed: Yelling 1-2-3-4. Band: Yelling 1-2-3-4. Yes.

When I think of Canada I think:
I'm normal

Music and sex: Is there a difference? Why?
Yes. People get annoyed listening to sex. Annoying people make music.

Strangest brush with celebrity:
Yul Brenner and a "Goodie"

What does your mom wish you were doing instead?
Playing on a cruise ship.