Shintaro Sakamoto Treats 'Let's Dance Raw' to North American Release

Shintaro Sakamoto Treats 'Let's Dance Raw' to North American Release
Following up the spring-timed overseas release of Shintaro Sakamoto's sophomore solo LP Let's Dance Raw, the Japanese rock figure's latest set will now be given a proper North American release through Other Music Recording Co./Fat Possum.

The record arrives domestically September 16 and plays out the same as this year's international release, though minus the limited-edition's instrumental disc. The follow-up to Sakamoto's 2011 solo debut How to Live with a Phantom finds the former Yura Yura Teikoku frontman bringing steel guitar to the forefront, a skill he recently acquired.

The 10-song set is described as "post-apocalyptic exotica," mixing Hawaiian sounds with blues and "space age bachelor pad music," among other styles. Lyrically, the album has the solo artist weighing in on "human race's downfall," duetting alongside robotic vocoder voices or pitch-shifted, Chipmunks-styled harmonies.

If you didn't catch it the first time around, you can see Sakamoto's mondo bizarro video for the album's bossa nova-influenced "Birth of the Super Cult," a clip that has the artist crooning alongside a creepy, dead-eyed little mannequin buddy.

You can also pre-order the album on CD and LP here, where you'll also find samples of each song on the record.

Let's Dance Raw:

1. Future Lullaby
2. Birth of The Super Cult
3. Extremely Bad Man
4. Let's Dance Raw
5. Like An Obligation
6. Gently Disappear
7. You Can Be A Robot, Too
8. Why Can't I Stop
9. Never Liked You, But Still Nostalgic
10. This World Should Be More Wonderful