Shilohs Offshoot the Pinc Lincolns Unveils 'Joy to the World, Premieres New Video

Shilohs Offshoot the Pinc Lincolns Unveils 'Joy to the World, Premieres New Video
Former Shilohs bassist Dan Colussi has been releasing tunes solo as the Pinc Lincolns since 2014, and he has now detailed the third album under the moniker in starting the new year. Titled Joy to the World, the new effort will arrive at the end of this month.

Nine tracks in length, Joy to the World is described in a press release as "midnight mood music," standing as "the most potent iteration of their unfashioned aesthetic: loose meandering songs, gnarled tones, alternately crumpled and quietly blazing."

The record was recorded by Colussi in bedrooms, basements and hotel rooms in Toronto, Winnipeg, Ottawa and Vancouver using a Tascam cassette four-track, laptop, electric guitar and a ProCo Rat distortion pedal.

Along with the announcement, Colussi has shared a video for the record's "Kick Against the Day." Directed by Destroyer guitarist Nicolas Bragg, the video cuts together grainy space race-era footage to look at what Bragg calls "fictional characters in crisis."

Bragg goes on to say this about how he crafted his visual creation:

I met Colussi last September at a sports bar in Vancouver. He rang up out of the blue and was back in town for a friend's summer wedding. He wanted to get together. It seemed urgent and not having much else to do that Sunday, I went. He was watching football and sitting at a 48" high table — one of those ones you can either comfortably stand up at or perch by with a stool. I think he was reading Fante. I never got into that. Too obvious.

They were pouring Bud on special and I followed his suit. Dan gave me a memory stick with the song 'Kick Against the Day" on it. He asked me to see if I could "make it into a music picture show?" I asked him what it was about, but of course he didn't know. He said he wrote it in Toronto while getting over a cold and drinking his Nana's secret remedy — lemon, Wiser's, and a cube of chicken stock.

I liked the song right away. I'd always gone in for the Pinc Lincs, but this new cut had something different from before and it stuck in my head. I liked its stripped-down duet nature — just voice and Jaguar guitar. Also, the simple chording and repetitive phrases opened things up to multifarious readings.

I won't lie to you, I didn't spend very long making this music video. I couldn't. Colussi wanted results. And fast, as his return ticket was just a few days away. The next night he played a solo show at the Lido. I got there late. He was sitting at the bar. I gave him his memory stick back and told him it's found footage from the space race. "You used to have to dig through estate sales for that shit" he said. "Yeah, not anymore. Not anymore"

Joy to the World will arrive on January 27 and you can order it here on Bandcamp. Read through the record's tracklisting to watch the video for "Kick Against the Day" in the player below, where you'll also find a full album stream.

The Pinc Lincolns will celebrate the release with a show in Toronto at the Holy Oak Cafe (1241 West Bloor St.) with Rob Nicholls and Liam Betson.

Joy to the World:

1. Feels So Good
2. Miracle Mile
3. Kick Against the Day
4. New Plymouth
5. Soon Soon Soon (Joy)
6. Sometimes I Could Live In That Place Forever
7. Lost Train
8. 86'd Again
9. My Horse Is Blue