Shelter The Purpose, The Passion

Arguably the innovators of East Coast melodic hardcore, Shelter, which is now Ray Cappo and a bunch of hired guns, is back with its sixth studio release. The loss of Cappo's long-time collaborator, Porcell, hasn't really had any effect on the music. In fact the songs on The Purpose, The Passion smack of the old days before Porcell was in the band. Shelter has always been Cappo's thing, so as long he's on top of his game then all is well. Like the previous When 20 Summers Pass disc, and the two records Cappo recorded under the Better Than a Thousand moniker, this is pure, unadulterated, melodic hardcore from the heart. Using his Krishna beliefs as his musical and spiritual inspiration, Cappo's creative juices flow freely. This disc resonates with passion, vitality and a sense of real purpose ¾ unlike the two disappointing records Shelter recorded for Roadrunner in the mid-'90s. And when Cappo is inspired, the music is that much stronger. (Supersoul)