sHEAVY Celestial Hi-Fi

Touring can really sharpen a band's chops, and one listen to the newest release from Newfoundland's sHeavy is proof. Celestial Hi-Fi is the band's second release for UK doom stalwart Rise Above, and while their previous record was a great one, Celestial builds on its foundation and sees the band relax and let the music flow out of this a little better. Guitarist Dan Moore really lets a Southern rock influence shine in his guitar playing, and drummer Ren Squires truly kicks the bejeezus out of his drums. While songs such as "What's Up Mr. Zero?" seem a little too straightforward for the band on first inspection, subsequent listens prove that to be untrue. It is also worth mentioning the band does a great remake of "Mountains of Madness," off their first indie released album, stepping the song up a few notches and making it heavier than hell. Another winner from our Newfie heavyweights. (Rise Above)