Shawn Mrazek Lives! "Another World" (video)

Shawn Mrazek Lives! 'Another World' (video)
Shawn Mrazek Lives! quickly sold out of vinyl copies of his album Thought He Was Dead, and now the Vancouver indie rock songwriter is reissuing it on cassette. To celebrate this re-release, he's shared video for the standout cut "Another World."

Like the prior clip for "The Forest Inside My Heart," this video is composed of vintage found footage. The surging "Another World" serves as the soundtrack to scratchy-looking black and white school scenes and some sort of custodial discussion, plus we see a couple of folks striking out on the baseball diamond.

Mrazek will release Thought He Was Dead! on cassette through Lost Sound Tapes on October 5. That evening, he and his band will play at Pat's Pub in Vancouver with Slow Learners and Movieland.

A video for "Man in the Glass" will follow.