Share Pedestrian

Halifax’s Share have recently become a full pop rock band but on Pedestrian, the palpable sense that these songs are just coming together makes this gutsy album that much more charming. Once a solo project for songwriter Andrew Sisk, Share now include bassist Kyle Cunjak and guitarist Nick Cobham, who both appear here. New drummer Zach Atkinson isn’t present on Pedestrian, which actually led to more inventive percussion choices, giving several songs a halting yet endearing groove. In fact, one of the coolest parts of the wonderful, reggae-tinged "Too Shy to Blush” is the domineering hi-hat and snare. Just as Sloan fostered a wave of pop followers some 15 years ago, Wintersleep’s prog folk rock has proven inspirational to young Halifax musicians and, without any of the bombast, Share’s "Silhouette” and "Murderer” pay tribute. Despite the latter’s mechanically mixed beats or the sarcastic electronica of "Dance Dance Retribution,” there’s an overall gentleness to Pedestrian, best exemplified by the earnest, spare "Continents.” As they turn the volume up live these days, Share know where their heart really lies and Pedestrian exemplifies the band’s strengths. (Forward)