Shantel Aug Der Anderen Seite / O the Edge of Heaven

Musically narrating the journey of six different people, this compiled soundtrack for the film On The Edge of Heaven oscillates between traditional tunes and electronically produced narrative swaths. Scored by German DJ/producer Shantel, his familiarity with combining traditional Balkan and electronic music obviously comes in handy here — the originally written musical snippets tie together tracks as diverse as "Camburnu,” a number played on some kind of hollow sounding flute, with an arrangement of J.S. Bach’s "Menuet in G major.” It’s impossible to garner details of the story simply from the music but the sheer diversity of this musical experience gives you a sense of the differences of character that must be displayed on screen, and the differences become a method of tying the music together, rather than a means of breaking it apart. Even separated from the film, there is a journey to be taken here. (Essay)