Shannon Lyon Wandered

Kitchener, Ontario native Shannon Lyon’s Wandered is a low-key affair that flirts with beauty but ultimately ends up opting for convention. Lyon’s rusty country growling falls into line with Steve Earle much the same way fellow Canadian Kathleen Edwards does with Lucinda Williams. The songs on Wandered all feel personal and are presented with interesting arrangements, but they seem to be delivered through a filter of consciousness that ultimately leads things to feeling slightly borrowed. An example of this is album opener "Since I’m Loving You.” The song is well crafted, but then takes Earle’s "Guitar Town” tone and accentuates it with Neil Young-ish (circa Harvest) instrumental flourishes. The result is a good song that suffers as influences are left to rule instincts. Lyon has real potential to take his songs to new levels if he is able to develop them with a more distinctly unique touch. (V2)