Shamelady The Winter Days Were Nights

A dramatic, chord driven rock instrumental opens the record in a melancholy and heavy deceit. Beginning in the second song, their true colours begin to shine and the music’s construction gains complexity with the guitars abruptly shifting riffs and then breaking down unexpectedly. They have a number of slothful Curl Up and Die moments, stabbing discordant notes that eventually pummel into a fury of noise with the same tormented screams. Botch is the major influence of this record. Shamelady use the same speedy, technically proficient riffs, and maintain the heavy, Southern rock feel with thunderous bass and the twang achieved from as much hammering-on and pulling-off they could muster sequentially. Attenuated riffs are propelled and textured by drumming that uses a bit of fancy cymbal work to bring an element of creativity into the derivative mix. While the music is engaging in the fact that it is busy, the guitar work and vocals are unimpressive, leaving a very vague aftertaste, and little to latch onto. (Rotten)