Shades Of Sorrow Shades Of Sorrow

Thick and menacing, aggressive yet reserved, it's no surprise that metal-influenced quartet Shades of Sorrow hail from the barbaric fertility of Moncton, NB. Sharing girth-y expanse with area greats such as Iron Giant and Gallactus, yet a bit more hard rock than overtly metal, this eponymous five-songer features modest Southern twang clashing with the shifty grooves acts such as Pantera made so appealing. All of it is delivered with the sense of seedy, disgruntled attitude you'd find at the local biker gang watering hole though. A touch sterile in the way it comes across on this particular recording, there could be an argument made for how a sense of their live attack would really hammer their point home, but there's also a sense of steely attitude and primal drive that makes Shades Of Sorrow quite interesting. (Independent)