Shad (ft. Dallas Green and TLO) " the Black of Night (Freestyle)"

Shad (ft. Dallas Green and TLO) ' the Black of Night (Freestyle)'
Everyone seems to be having fun on the Warped Tour, not least of whom is Canadian hip-hop star Shad. As the eclectic punk rock road show worms its way across North America (Canadian dates include Toronto July 10, Montreal July 11, and Vancouver on August 14), Shad's one of a handful of hip-hop artists (and Canucks) performing at virtually every stop. Tour reports from Shad's camp have been super positive and the man himself seems to be bonding with his fellow performers.

Late one night, Shad was on a tour bus with Alexisonfire's Dallas Green and DJ TLO, each of whom crafted a beat, which inspired the MC to bust a crazy nice freestyle that flows effortlessly. Check out the references to life on the road, playful boasts, a quick GZA/Genius shout-out, and a thread of rhymes about old school WWF brutes. Sleep be damned; for Shad, there's always time to get ill.

Watch Shad, Dallas Green, and TLO create " the Black of Night" here.