Shad "Give You All I Can" (ft. Skratch Bastid)

Shad 'Give You All I Can' (ft. Skratch Bastid)
This weekend, Canuck rap sensation Shad won a Juno Award for Rap Recording of the Year. Today (March 28), the ever-gracious MC wrote a blog post entitled "Thank you," in which he gushed about being "flooded with emails and txt msgs from most of my favourite people in the world, among other fun, joyous things." As a show of gratitude, Shad shared a brand new track called "Give You All I Can."

The beat was made by Maritimes DJ Skratch Bastid, whose vintage soul samples set a upbeat mood for Shad's brisk rapping. The MC's rhymes are characteristically introspective, as he undermines hip-hop cliches with lyrics about grad school and promising to "speak less and say more."

You can listen below or download it for free right here.