Shad 'Besides' mixtape

Shad 'Besides' mixtape
Although Shad hasn't released an album since his 2010 effort TSOL, the Canuck rapper kept fans satisfied in 2011 with live shows and a range of oddments and collaborations. Well, here's your latest release from Shadrach Kabango: a mixtape cleverly titled Besides, which compiles some of his little-known verses from a variety of projects.

In other words, this is a real digital mixtape, not just a free album with an ill-fitting description (the Weeknd, we're looking at you).

Here's a statement from Shad about the project:

Here's a little joint I thought some fans might like; a 25-minute mix of some of the guest spots I've done on other projects over the past couple of years. Mixed by my man, the former DMC and Scribble Jam Champion, DJ TLO. Be sure to check out the tracks in full if you dig!

This mix, which comes courtesy of Black Box Recordings, highlights some of the great underground hip-hop going on in Canada. Download it for free right here.