Shabazz Palaces Issue First Two EPs on Vinyl

Shabazz Palaces Issue First Two EPs on Vinyl
Before Shabazz Palaces signed to Sub Pop and released 2011's Black Up, the group led by Ishmael "Butterfly" Butler (of Digable Planets fame) and Tendai "Baba" Maraire issued a couple of EPs on CD and digitally. Now, those mini-releases have been pressed up on vinyl for the first time courtesy of Templar Label Group.

The self-titled Shabazz Palaces has been preserved on red vinyl, while Of Light is on green vinyl. An Insound listing confirms that Shabazz Palaces has the same seven-song tracklisting as the original 2009 release; while the listing for In Light doesn't include the track titles, we're guessing that it's also the same.

See the tracklists below and, if you're so inclined, order the records now over here.

Shabazz Palaces:

1. kill white t, parable of the nigga who barrels stay hot, made by [email protected]

2. 4 shadows"noah mission as told by plcr dougie frum up the block from granny's Subsonic custom crowns

3. 32 leaves dipped in blackness making clouds forming altered carbon

4. blastit at the homie rayzer's charm lake plateau bbq july at outpalace pk

5. Capital 5, recorded after hrs at the gun ballad resource cntr on s Sweeper st.

6. my mac yawns i go on to make this darksparkles move call it: as the americans say, middle section made by plcr runner reg on his 30′ chromitar

7. a mess, the booth soaks in palacian musk, palaceer in vintage LRG, yes pure NS, uppowndet watermelon lips beat

Of Light:

1. Gunbeat Falls
2. 100 Sph
3. Hottabatch
4. Chuch
5. Spechol-Analog
6. Sparkles
7. N. Splendored/Find Out