S.G Sinnick 5 Songs 5 Bucks

5 Songs 5 Bucks is an excellent sampling of what S.G. Sinnick seems to be all about. From the rock'n'roll "Hold Me Baby (Let's Go)," the Latin rhythms of "Never Meant to Hurt You" and the folk nostalgia of "What You've Done," Sinnick shows he's dynamic and honest. He also takes pride in his working class Hamilton roots. Take Bruce Springsteen and mix in Billy Bragg's love songs and you'll get the idea. Sinnick doesn't wax political as much as he makes them personal. 5 Songs 5 Bucks will entice you, so save a portion of your wage packet and buy into the musical feel goodness brother Sinnick offers up. It makes the workday go by a lot easier when you know you're not alone. (Independent)