SFT Travelcard

Persist, since the initial ten minutes can sound flat and predictable, and the unique sonic appeal of SFT starts to insinuate itself. After building dramatic tension between sustained synthesiser lines and programmed dance beats, "Phote" segues into a spacy coda that sounds lyrical and majestic. "Slope," "Twice Two" and "Guitar Pule" confirm how inventively SFT creates, shapes and modulates slow and spacy hypnotic grooves. The twisted phasing in "Twice Two" and bells and chimes of "Guitar Pule" show how this music's scope can be enhanced by artists whose focus goes beyond syncopated beats. The trippy "Sleeper Drought" and cool club beats of "Close" conclude a memorable project that confirms SFT's ability to craft music that combines creative poise with superb style. (Beggars Banquet)