Sexy Kids "Sisters Are Forever"

Sexy Kids "Sisters Are Forever"
First off, I'd like to point out just how odd it is to read the name of this band. It's even a little unsettling, really. But they're from Glasgow, a place where bands as notoriously troublesome as Mogwai, Primal Scream and erm, Belle & Sebastian (remember that Brit Award they were accused of rigging?) hail from, so you shouldn't be surprised.

Actually, I don't mean that. Just hearing their brand of affable indie pop, which brings to mind the thought of the Pastels had they recorded for Flying Nun, quickly vanquishes any inappropriate thoughts about these Scots. Quite simply, they're lovely.

Signed to the red hot Slumberland label, Sexy Kids are set to release their debut seven-inch, titled Sisters Are Forever, on November 18. The A-side is right up their new label's alley, with its unassuming melodies, scant instrumentation and DIY methodology, though minus the smothering reverb that made the latest LPs by cause co-MOTION! and Crystal Stilts so irresistible.

I'm not sure about the titular sentiment itself, but confusing lyrics and questionable band names aside, this foursome fit right into the pack of the new wave of acts making lo-fi jangle sexy again.

Sexy Kids "Sisters Are Forever" (Courtesy of Pitchfork)