Sex Pistols Threaten to Sue over "God Save the Cream" Ad Campaign

Sex Pistols Threaten to Sue over 'God Save the Cream' Ad Campaign
London-based ice cream company Icecreamists are facing legal action from the Sex Pistols, who claim that a recent ad is too similar to their own design.

The ad in question (above) shows a picture of the Queen with a spoon in her mouth, posing in front of the Union Flag. Across her face, the phrase "God Save the Cream" is written. The ad is an obvious nod to the Pistols' "God Save the Queen" single, but the band aren't taking it as a compliment, and have had their lawyers threatening legal action.

Speaking with NME, Icecreamist founder Matt O'Connor explained his surprise at the band's attitude. "We are a bit dumbfounded that a group that made its reputation for being banned is trying to ban one of our ice creams," he explained.

Perhaps it is a little strange that the Sex Pistols are so up in arms about this, especially considering their history with dairy advertising.