Sewergrooves Three Time Losers

This long player from the Stockholm trio collects seven singles tracks and a lone previously unreleased number, which, fittingly, is the weakest track. They blast it loud and fuzzy, with a more melodic and poppy edge than the average Estrus parolees, but it’s just as raw and riffalicious. It’s sort of the same trick, if a different sound, that Dinosaur Jr. used to make their stock in trade. At other times, it’s garagy and murky, like early Hüsker Dü. “Could’ve Been Dead” sounds like Thin Lizzy if they’d shifted ten years into the future and embraced punk instead of metal. Other musical touchstones include the Mono Men and obscure early Stiff Records acts like Roogalator, Tyla Gang, and Pink Fairies. Oh, yeah, they share a drummer with the Hellacopters, and vinyl mavens can look for a limited edition ten-inch coloured wax edition. (Estrus)