Several Futures "Cul de Sac"

Several Futures "Cul de Sac"
Toronto trio Several Futures are gearing up to unleash their debut album Before You Forget next month, and Exclaim! is giving you a preview of what's to come with the premiere of a new track called "Cul de Sac."
The full-length record follows up the band's 2014 EP Narrative Collapse, and hears them drawing on sci-fi ideas of parallel universes, as well as sonic influences from the realm of '90s noise rock.
Experimental, artistic and totally DIY, the new album's ethos is captured on "Cul de Sac." Expertly walking the line between brash noise and methodical composition, all the while keeping things catchy, the song is a bouncy, buoyant throwback to old-school indie rock.
Band leader Jonny Dovercourt dives into details on specific influences on the track, sharing a statement that reads:
Driving, flaying, and anthemic, it's the closest we've ever come to writing a pop song. A hybrid spawn of (New Order's) "Ceremony," (Sonic Youth's) "Teen Age Riot," with an unexpected shot of (The Ronettes') "Be My Baby" for good measure. Lyrically, imagine Bruce Springsteen playing the disaffected downtown Torontonian, longing for an escape that may not ever come.
Before You Forget drops on February 5 via Forking Paths. Listen to "Cul de Sac" in the player below.