Sevenday Curse After the Storm

Sevenday Curse make death metal the way it should be done, with an excess of technical ability and an absence of clichés, either in the music itself or the band’s imagery. Unrelentingly brutal would be an appropriate musical description (if not an overused one) save for the acoustic interludes that add colour and a sense of dynamics to After the Storm. Sevenday Curse aren’t just a one trick pony death metal outfit, combining their sound with equal amounts of progressive metal leanings, the acoustic segments and a nod to the heyday of thrash. Their songs are catchier than your normal double kick-laced, shredding guitar workouts that pass as the cream of the crop in this style of music. Also, if one listens close enough, one can find riffs that the hardcore/metal community has appropriated for its use on After the Storm, riffs and styles that the extreme music scene is now taking back, or at least laying claim to who originated then. (Tortuga)