Settle for a Movie with Red Riding Hood, Mars Needs Moms and Battle: Los Angeles in This Week's Film Roundup

Settle for a Movie with <i>Red Riding Hood</i>, <i>Mars Needs Moms</i> and <i>Battle: Los Angeles</i> in This Week's Film Roundup
As another week comes to an end, the ever-challenging plight of how to spend your Friday and Saturday evenings returns again, begging for some creative way to make the quotidian worthwhile. Of course, you can always check out a movie. And we have reviews of the latest in the Exclaim! Recently Reviewed section.

Looking to cut into Rango's chunk of the box office, Mars Needs Moms, takes the image-capture animation road while telling the story of a young boy whose mother is kidnapped by Martians.

Pandering to a slightly older audience -- albeit one that still can't legally drink -- is Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke's latest flimsy teen romance, Red Riding Hood (pictured), wherein a young girl in a red cloak teeters on banging a werewolf; you know, instead of a sparkly vampire. Read our review to find out if this goes the awesome Freeway route of fairy tale adaptation, or takes a different direction entirely.

We also a review of the latest disaster flick, Battle: Los Angeles, which stays free of pesky subtext while doling out the usual alien battle chicanery. It's probably the polar opposite to The Arbor, which is a contemplative, experimental documentary about the late British playwright Andrea Dunbar.

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