Settle At Home We Are Tourists

Settle's At Home We Are Tourists is a daring debut LP that tests genre boundaries while maintaining consistency. Released through Epitaph records, the album strays from their usual punk and hardcore acts into a more indie rock vibe. Elements of punk and pop bleed through the guitar lines and occasional synths, but the chanting overall peppiness of this record sets a new tone for the record label. Tracks like "Kick! Win!" and "Affinity For My Hometown" show the band's strong understanding of song composition and variety with an emphasis on coherence. There is a good amount of range here, as seen in "Sunday Morning After," a slower, softer track about life realizations. A standout has to be "On The Prowl," an epic smart anthem for drunk, messy youth. Produced by Adam Lasus (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Yo La Tengo) and mixed by Ken Andrews (Pete Yorn, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club), At Home We Are Tourists is a strong debut that forecasts a promising career for the Pennsylvania band. (Epitaph)