Seth Knappen Leaving Sound

Cohort of Low, Seth Knappen doesn’t stray very far from his friends’ influence. Produced by Low’s own Alan Sparhawk, Leaving Sound is Knappen’s debut solo album after contributing to various projects for the last eight years. Combining simple harmonies with an overwhelming ambience, Knappen’s tempo rarely surpasses a tortoise’s. Delicate contact with pianos and keyboards, lightly strummed guitars and the occasional Jeff Buckley bellow fill out the album’s résumé, yet the simplicity on Leaving Sound isn’t as effective as other minimalists like Labradford. At times, the spacy noises and sound effects wear a little thin, leaning more towards cheesy interludes than anything extraordinary. Maybe using some of his friends on the record to fill in the many gaps could have saved it from becoming such a dull experiment. (Future Appletree)