Get Holiday-Ready with Tron: Legacy, Barney's Version and Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale in This Week's Film Roundup

Get Holiday-Ready with <i>Tron: Legacy</i>, <i>Barney's Version</i> and <i>Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale</i> in This Week's Film Roundup
Last weekend, box offices took a hit when The Tourist and the latest Narnia flick failed to get the projected number of asses into theatre seats, leaving little holdover competition for this week's crop of films. If you're heading out to take in a movie, or just need a temporary escape from the flurry of pushy holiday shoppers, check out the Exclaim! Recently Reviewed section before doing your part to keep those economic pistons pumping.

Sticking with the original, minimalist design sensibilities and featuring an eerie, CGI-manipulated version of Jeff Bridges from nearly three decades ago, the much-ballyhooed Tron sequel, aptly titled Tron: Legacy (pictured), hits theatres in both two and three dimensions for your viewing pleasure. But is it worth all that hype?

For your fix of star-studded adult fare, we have reviews of the Mordecai Richler adaptation, Barney's Version, for which Paul Giamatti just received a Golden Globe nomination by portraying a self-indulgent television producer. Plus there is James L. Brooks's superficial treatise on love and Reese Witherspoon's blondeness, How Do You Know.

If artier, award season films are more your thing, we also checked out David O. Russell's The Fighter, a biopic about welterweight boxer Micky Ward (Mark Wahlberg) and his trainer, crack-addict brother (Christian Bale), as well as indie director John Cameron Mitchell's darkly comic and subtly tragic Rabbit Hole, a film about a struggling married couple (Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart) grieving the loss of their four-year-old son. We also have a review of Julie Taymor's latest Shakespeare adaptation, The Tempest.

Alternatively, for something completely different, we have a review of the Finnish import Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale, which manages to tackle the myth of Saint Nick with fully nude killer senior citizens with pickaxes and fields full of dead reindeer.

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