Serpentine Path Serpentine Path

Serpentine PathSerpentine Path
Is it a strange coincidence that the debut from these NYC doomsters arrives in stores on the anniversary of the American terror attacks? Perhaps, but the music does serve as an appropriate soundtrack of the terror and loss that happened that day. Serpentine Path were founded by Tim Bagshaw (Electric Wizard, Ramses), who joined forces with recently disbanded members from Long Island's Unearthly Trance: Ryan Lipynsky, Jay Newman and Darren Verni. Despite being a true representation of NYC-style doom ― there's something within the creases of this music that conjures up the emotional tribulations of urban residents unable to prosper in the Big Apple ― the album starts off a bit tepid. But then the listener is suddenly hammered with brutality during the second half with tracks like "Obsoletion," "Aphelion" and "Compendium of Suffering." Their no-frills approach to doom is dark and incredibly heavy, but deliciously uncompromising. While it takes a few tracks for the band to shine through, it is worth the wait. (Relapse)