Sermon Volume

Any serious music fan should be willing to do some downright dirty things to get their hands on this record. The Sermon’s debut full-length is probably one of the most exciting things to happen to home stereos at the moment. With a current line-up that includes ex-members of the Fells, Mount McKinleys and the Dukes of Hamburg, this San Francisco band has created a perfectly damaging sound. This is one of the best bands creating ’60s-inspired garage rock right now. The Sermon carries a well-blended mix of the Yardbirds with the sound of the legendary Detroit scene that was brought on by wonders like the Stooges and the MC5. The results are formidable as the band flies through "No Beast So Fierce” with impressive fury, and slides into the mellower "Surprise.” Weaving guitar-laden tales of desperation and destitution, this is the soundtrack to hard living. After hearing the first chord struck by the Sermon, you’ll be hugging your stereo. (Alternative Tentacles)