I Become A Shade

SeoulI Become A Shade
"Blue, breathless, gentle, absolute." That's both the Twitter biography of Seoul and an accurate descriptor of the band's ethos. Hailing from Montreal, the trio of synth-loving perfectionists have a record out — their first — following a multi-year wait that saw a number of singles trickling out online. Cohesive and hypnotizing, yet with a strong propulsive edge, Seoul mimic the best elements of apparent influences such as Deerhunter and Washed Out while honing an original, enveloping sound.
Highlights of the album include pulsating single "White Morning," the taut pop and clever lyricism of "Silencer" and the sheer ecstasy and celebration of "Real June." Structurally, the album's lengthier songs are tied together with instrumental threads of contemplation, such as the shimmering "Fields," and guitar-led lullaby "Thought You Were," which is reminiscent of Broken Social Scene.
Encapsulating the feeling of barrelling down the Autoroute 15 into Montreal, Seoul burst out of the gate full steam ahead with I Become A Shade. But they know just when to pause along the way to take it all in. (Last Gang)
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