Sentinals Sunset Beach - The Best of the Sentinals

Both of the Sentinals Del-Fi albums (1963’s Big Surf and 1964’s Surfer Girl) are put together on this whopping 27-song collection. Del-Fi does it their reissues up right, they always have informative liner notes, and they’ve included a bonus track from the compilation, KFWB Battle Of The Surfing Bands. With that many great reverb drenched songs, I can’t go on about all (or even half) of them, but you get a surfer’s smorgasbord here; from the Middle-Eastern influenced double-picking of “Exotic,” to a stompin’ version of the Isley Brothers’ “Shout,” to the twang of “Intoxica,” to the clap along party number “Surf ‘n Soul,” to the bizarre narrative of “Surfin’ Tragedy.” Quantity and quality, this one has it all. (Del-Fi)