Sensational Natural Shine

Natural Shine is Sensational's fourth full-length album since 1992's failed collaborations with the Jungle Brothers when he was still Torture. It's also his best release since his no-fi debut, Loaded With Power. This might be the result of the guest production from DJ Karlos, a surprise move considering all three previous albums were produced almost exclusively by Sensational, with the occasional assist from Spectre the Ill Saint. Unlike the Sensational-produced half of the album, which might be creatively minimalist but the vocals and instrumentation are still buried too deeply in the murky drums, Karlos brings the noise and a catchy groove while properly mixing the song. Sensational's rhymes are predominantly freestyles with hooks, embracing the paper chase, chunks of bliss, and his knack for stylin’. Occasionally Sensational stumbles vocally, giving Natural Shine an amateur quality, but with more guest production, it's possible that Sensational may finally succeed in his paper chase. (Wordsound)