Sensational Heavyweighter

Ex-Jungle Brother Sensational (previously Torture) has long been a composer of grimy, lo-fi basement recordings. His third full-length offering from Wordsound, Heavyweighter, is no different in that respect. The formula is distorted, minimalist beats with heavy emphasis on freestyles. While the lyrics often revolve around the typical weed, bitches and bragging, Sensational has a unique delivery that separates him from the rest. I have long had my assumptions about his recording techniques, and Sensational proves me right with "For The Playa Haterz": "I'm in the big studio in a leather chair," he rhymes. No one sounds more relaxed with their rhymes than the "Perfecta Muthafucka." If there is anything wrong with Heavyweighter, it is a feeling that songs were often rushed; most songs are lacking a concept or cohesion. There are rarely any choruses - which isn't necessarily bad - and when there are they're usually only a couple of words repeated a few times. It doesn't help that there is a lot of empty space over beats - which is good for your own freestyles and rhymes - that maybe should have been filled. But, once you get past the anti-conformist feel of Heavyweighter, it's an impressive album. (Wordsound)