Senking Tap

Senking is Jens Massel from Cologne, Germany, who also produces music as Kandis and Fumble. This is glitch, clicks ‘n’ cuts, fractured music in the vein of Carston Nicolai, Alvo.Noto, /O, Ryoji Ikeda and the usual Raster-Noton cult, but with a more musical, melodic approach. Noises abound everywhere, high sine wave clicks, pops, snaps, and cracks, creating a jittery, complex rhythm. Low bass loops and throbbing, ambient drones, underwater like glurps, mechanical hums, and insect sounding strings buzzing away make up the background. Spacey, ambient, mellow sounds fill in behind the kinetic rhythms. Slight melodies appear here and there consisting of sweet harmonium, xylophone, fuzz and ring tones adding warmth to the otherwise noisy, static and cracked music. It is shrill, demonic, and even groovy in some places adding the more musical elements. The high-end, sudden snaps and pops give the speakers a strained workout, sparking a feel that they will cause damage at higher volumes, which creates a nervous, but fun atmosphere. I really liked this CD; it is what I would call snap, crackle pop music. (Raster-Noton)