Seksu Roba Pleasure Vibrations

When it comes to disturbing names, Seksu Roba doesn’t appear too bad. Unless you discover that Seksu Roba is actually Japanese for "Sex Donkey,” hinting at what the band’s favourite obsession might be. The duo of Sukho Lee and Lun*na Menoh use a mix of Theremin, mini-Moog and other computer technology to create their music, making for an unusual combination. They share a similar philosophy to Fantastic Plastic Machine, but with a greater love of irony that makes their mix of electronica, lounge and porn movie soundtracks even more appealing. And any band willing to cover My Bloody Valentine deserve a certain amount of respect, even if they do turn "Moon Song” into a Theremin-laden, easy listening tune that doesn’t really sound much like the original at all. Pleasure Vibrations, their second album, is a mixed bag with some funkier songs, but there are far too many instrumentals that meander along without much direction and end before getting anywhere very interesting. That makes Pleasure Vibrations good background music, but will probably prevent it from becoming essential listening, even if it is a lot of fun. (Eenie Meenie)