Seether Disclaimer

How does a band so far from any rock music scene fit right in as if they were born from it? This is my question about Johannesburg, South Africa’s Seether. The trio’s debut CD, Disclaimer, has a distinct Los Angles edge, which might possibly have something to do with their new living arrangements, mixed with a peppering of Nickelback’s classic rock sound, making the disc a perfect fit in the current North American musical atmosphere. Vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Shaun Morgan shares deeply personal and descriptive stories on each song, particularly lead single "Fine Again” and "Your Bore.” Each track describes a variety of internal struggles and self-hatred, and his guitar work is disciplined and healthy on crunch and grit. There are solid and memorable riffs throughout, and "Driven Under” utilises sparse harmonies and mock orchestration to express painful honesty. The artwork for the record is interesting too, with ten different covers in circulation. Disclaimer is an impressive debut for Seether. (Sony)