Seefeel to Release First New Material in 14 Years

Seefeel to Release First New Material in 14 Years
Hypnotic electro shoegazers Seefeel have been mostly inactive since 1996, but the group are now getting ready to release their first new material in 14 years. On September 20, Warp will release Faults, a four-song ten-inch single.

The idea to reform and record new material began in 2007, following the reissue of 1993's Quique. In a press release, guitarist Mark Clifford commented, "We always said that we wouldn't record a new Seefeel record unless we could present something that we felt was new. When Quique was reissued a couple of years back, myself and [singer] Sarah [Peacock] did some interviews together and we talked about recording new material."

This idea finally turned into reality following the group's 2009 performance at Warp20 in Paris. Following the live show, Warp co-founder Steve Beckett approached the group about recording new material. Clifford and Peacock then recruited two new members - Shige Ishihara (aka DJ Scotch Egg) on bass and Iida Kasuhisa (aka E-da of Boredoms) on drums - and set about recording an album.

According to Beckett, "They came back six months later, not just with a record, but a great record. This band need to be heard, they need to be seen, so that's why we got involved again. Family members might leave for a long time, but they always come home."

This quote suggests that a full LP may be on the way, but nothing has been officially announced other than the single. But don't expect these four songs to be the last we hear of Seefeel. Clifford said, "Having two new members has really helped the dynamic of the band. There is a real dynamic creative process that's exciting. We are growing as a live band, adding elements of improvisation and looser structures unimaginable to us a few years back, and with continued touring I'm excited to see how we develop in that direction."

On September 16, the new lineup will be performing a one-off show at ICA in London, UK. Listen to the title track from Faults over at Soundcloud.


A1. "Faults"

A2. "Crowded"

B1. "Folds"

B2. "Clouded"