Seefeel Return with New Studio Album

Seefeel Return with New Studio Album
The last time we told you about Seefeel, the group had just announced their first release in 14 years: a four-song ten-inch single called Faults. While the shoegazing electronic artists had been dormant since the mid-’90s, a reunion set in Paris during last year’s Warp Records 20th anniversary event, which can be seen below, found the outfit as excited about their music as ever. This gig, in turn, inspired the collective to write some new material.

As great as the EP’s announcement was, though, many of us were still drooling at the prospect of a proper full-length. Well wipe your chins, everybody, because Seefeel recorded much more than we first thought and are back with a brand new album.

Simply titled Seefeel — the group’s first disc since 1996’s CH-VOX — this 14-song collection has them yet again dabbling in pre-programmed beats and hazy melodies. That’s the cover up there above and the tracklist is below.

At this point, little else is known about the new record, but in case you can’t wait until its early 2011 release date, let us remind you that Seefeel did just release their companion single last month.

Seefeel comes out February 7 in the UK, courtesy of Warp. As of press time, no North American release date has been revealed.

Big thanks to FACT for the tip.


1. “O-on One”

2. “Dead Guitars”

3. “Step Up”

4. “Faults

5. “Gzaug

6. “Rip-Run”

7. “Making

8. “Step Down”

9. “Airless”

10. “Aug30”

11. “Sway”